Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Great Rug Debate

Our living room has been slowly morphing into the dream living room that I see in my head. It's been a process more than an overhaul, but I think I've benefited from the time. A fuchsia, Moroccan leather pouf seemed absolutely necessary for about a week. But now I'm grateful that I had to mull it over for a few months.

My most recent design mulling has been over a rug for the living room. The fella and I live in a rental apartment, which already (unfortunately) has industrial, beige wall-to-wall carpet. The living room is quite spacious and we use half of it as our dining room. My plan is to get a patterned 5x8 rug to use in the "living" portion of the room to break the room up a bit. And to hide some of the wall-to-wall.

The two contenders, in no particular order are:

The Stacked Stripe Rug from Williams-Sonoma Home

And the Nautical Stripe Rug, also from Williams-Sonoma Home

They're both currently on sale. They would each lend the clean, preppy lines that I'm looking for to the room. I'm genuinely torn. What do you think?

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