Monday, June 22, 2009

Return to the Kitchen

In a way, it feels as though I'm rediscovering the pleasure in life. Work, family, etc had my days flying by at a high gallop last year and although things have calmed down, I am only beginning to find my footing again. I have been hesitatingly beginning small projects, with the fear that they will no longer appeal to me. That they will feel like a chore. But my capacity for enjoyment is much stronger than I give it credit for and I want to keep a record of all of the little things that have made me happy lately.

For example, I'm cooking again. And enjoying it! Cooking has been a mixed bag for me the past couple of years. I always considered myself a good cook until I started dating a vegeterian almost five years ago. (Actually, we're engaged now.) All at once, it felt as though I lost my culinary vocabulary. I've figured it out slowly. But it's only recently that I feel like the kitchen is really mine again. I'm improvising, rather than following recipies. I'm making a bit of a mess. I'm having fun.

Exhibit A, these lemon cakes:

I made them for my friend Kate's birthday brunch. They're loosely based on Ina Garten's lemon cake recipe. The glaze was a bit too thin, but they were a blast to make. And to eat.

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