Monday, July 27, 2009

Rental Bathroom Renovation

Ok, I wish this were actually about bathroom renovation. But, as I live in a rental, it's only about trying to make my truly heinous, beige bathroom slightly less so.

As I just mentioned, my bathroom is beige. Builder's beige. The floor and half the walls are tiled with builders beige and the upper half of the walls are painted to match. The only variety in the room comes from the white elements, i.e.- the ceiling, toilet, sink and bathtub. How sad is it when you think of your white toilet as adding interest?

Now that the rest of the apartment is shaping up, it's time to do something about this sad little room. But I find myself completely stumped. I'm allowed to paint and I think that that's a logical first step. But I have no idea what would work with so much beige. And my only other decorating impulse is that I seem to be really drawn towards this shower curtain:

I think that it would look really striking in an entirely white bathroom. But I have no idea how to make it work in the land of beige.

I suppose I could paint the walls hot pink, in homage to one of my favorite restaurants:

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