Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Train is Rolling...

The wedding is awfully close now and it seems like every day we're accomplishing something major. BB and I applied for our marriage license this morning. When we raised our hands and took the oath about not being related and whatnot I said, "I do" rather than, "Yes". I guess I jumped the gun.

BB ordered our favors yesterday, which are a pair of Burdick's almond-citron macaroons. They'll look like this, but paler, with white backing and a black ribbon:

The wedding/almond kitchiness still delights me. I may have a small bowl of almond dragees next to my guest book. I associate them so strongly with the Long Island weddings of my youth. At least I refrained from ordering an ice sculpture of a swan. See? We learn and grow.

The program is at the printers. The menu tasting is early next week. My gift for BB is in the mail. The train is rolling, people. It's rolling.

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