Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Mojo

As I mentioned earlier, BB & I are considering a move. Well, we finally saw an apartment online that looks just about perfect. It has a second room, it's well maintained, in a good location, has character. (I spent last night arranging our furniture in it in my mind . I can really see us there, starting a family.) The difficulty is that the realtor can't show it to us until tomorrow. And, in Boston, apartments have a way of slipping through your fingers. So I'm going ask all of you out there to send some good apartment mojo our way. I would really appreciate it.

The other difficulty is that, regardless of when we move, we're going to have to break our lease. I don't think that we'll have a hard time renting our current apartment becaue the location is great, it's gigantic and the rent is very reasonable. Also we keep it clean and cute, if I do say so myself. But the idea of taking on a new apartment before we've found renters for the old one makes me feel a little ill. (Ok, a lot ill. I'm a worrier.) Does anyone have any advice about breaking a lease? I could certainly use it.

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