Thursday, December 3, 2009

Domino Fan Girl Dance of Joy

Last year, our mailman decided it was a great idea to leave people's magazines thrown all over our foyer, rather than putting them in our mailboxes. Consequently, there was a fair bit of magazine thievery. I don't believe that it was all intentional. As the magazines were consistently scattered about, people may have believed that they belonged to people who had moved out of the building or just didn't want them. Regardless, the whole situation made me lose a few 2008 issues of Domino. Grrr. And I was just getting around to ordering back issues when the magazine sadly closed.

I've tried bidding on old issues on Ebay, but I always loose. (I'm a bad Ebay-er. I don't pay enough attention to the end bid times.) But today the Ebay gods smiled on me and I actually won the November 2008 issue.

Hooray! I'm going to nerd out when it arrives, just like I used to when it was delivered on the regular.

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