Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apple-Blackberry Crisp

We're heading to BB's home in Philly for Thanksgiving and I've been mulling over what to bring. We'll bring wine, flowers, etc, but I really feel that it's important to bring something homemade. And the magic words that keep springing to mind are apple-blackberry crisp. I've never actually made one before. Nor have I had apples and blackberries in the same dish. So I hope this isn't a trainwreck.

I think I'm going to tinker with recipes this weekend. I like the looks of this one and this one, but am actually most tempted by Ina Garten's Old Fashioned Apple Crisp recipe. I may just modify it by adding blackberries and a little more sugar.

I'm sure BB will be absolutely heartbroken about having to sample so many crisps, crumbles and buckles. What a trooper!

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