Monday, November 30, 2009

The Coffee is Back

While BB and I were home over Thanksgiving, we picked up our final round of wedding presents, that had been mailed to my Mom's house. And among them was the new coffee maker that we've been waiting for. Our old coffee maker passed away about a month ago and we've been suffering through the wretched brew from my old french press. (The french press is not at fault. BB and I both are just terrible with it. We never get the proportions right.)

Our new beauty had her inaugural run this morning and it was absolutely delightful. She's been given a place of honor on top of the refrigerator and BB has taken to polishing her like a Ferrari.

We also picked up a shower curtain that looks like this:

So the great bathroom renovation has begun! I think BB is just relieved that I didn't go with the zebra shower curtain.

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