Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Travel Plan

I am counting the hours until we leave for Thanksgiving. Although I can't say I love the Boston to Philly traffic, I do love a good road trip with BB.

I need to swing by the library tonight and pick up one of the Harry Potter audiobooks. Listening to Harry on the road has become something of a holiday tradition for us. And even though we've heard them all many times over at this point, I think the trip would seem lacking if we went without.

My 5 pronged plan of attack for comfortable Thanksgiving travel this year:
1. Harry Potter audiobook

2. Bagel chips and cream cheese from Zaftigs

3. Knitting - The scarf that I started in Florence, for when traffic comes to a standstill. (I never knit in a moving car. I've heard horror stories.)

4. The most comfortable shoes in the world - I picked up these Camper boots while I was in Rome.

5. A very early start time! - BB & I have never been able to pull this off before. We usually leave at around 8pm. I'm so excited to leave while it's light out!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Safe travels and a very joyous holiday to you all!

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