Friday, October 23, 2009


While in Florence, I picked up a set of bookplates that caught my eye and I find myself going through a strange book vetting process now, trying to figure out which of my books are worthy of a beautiful bookplate. Should they go in my children's and YA lit? Will I have to tear out the bookplates if I want to pass them on to my potential children? Should they only go in hardcovers? And, truth be told, I'm not even sure what name to write in them. (I'm finding the whole name changing thing more difficult than anticipated.)

So rather than confronting and ultimately answering these troubling and somewhat less so questions, I'm going to focus on pretty bookplates. Here are some that you can buy on Etsy:

You can buy these lovely Octopus Hooking Onto Mermaids Tail bookplates over at articles47.

Or these darling Swan Girl plates at The Black Apple.

Or these Personalized Vintage cuties from Oiseaux

Or these mad, Deco Magical Forest Ride numbers from nouveaudesigns that I'm entirely tickled by. I find myself drawn to this type of design more and more lately. I'm not even quite sure what to call it. Magical Deco? Folk Deco?

Ah well, back to the name dilemma...

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