Friday, October 30, 2009


I don't believe it's happened so quickly, but I'm already hooked on making Alicia Paulson's felt Christmas ornaments. I spent last night making the cocoa ornament while watching the Christmas Comes Early episode of The Naked Chef. The ornament was so quick and easy, I can tell that I'll be whipping up a ton of these for friends and family.

I may have to download Ms. Paulson's second set of ornament patterns this weekend:

As a knitter, I have a tendency to think that homemade gifts need to be major undertakings, like blankets or sweaters. But these ornaments have shown me that I can make a thoughtful, homemade gift without breaking the bank or slaving away for several months. I find sewing really freeing. I think of it like freehand drawing, whereas knitting is more like building with legos.

I'll have a picture of my ornament (or possibly ornaments) as soon as I can. And if you're not feeling crafty, but like crafty looking ornaments, you may want to check out these Patchwork Owl Ornaments at Crate & Barrel:

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