Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bow Street Flowers

BB and I had a wonderful, slow day today; full of coffee, the library and a long, long walk through Cambridge/Somerville. On our way back from The Biscuit, we passed the Bow Street Flowers, which I'd never seen before. It's basically the florist shop of my dreams. (And I'm picky, I worked at a florists for years.) The flowers out in front of the counter were basically an exhibit of all of my favorites, fat pink peonies, elegant white anemones, cheerful tulips and cheeky ranunculus. They even had unripe berries to incorporate into their arrangements. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...

And when BB bought me a peony, they wrapped it as if it was a Hermes scarf; in a sumptuous sheet of pressed paper and thick brown ribbon.

Plus, they have an in-store rabbit named Petal! I don't care how long a walk it is from my house, I'll be back to this shop within the week. Three cheers for Bow Street Flowers! I wish I knew about you before I got married. Our style feels very much in synch. (Although Petali did a really lovely job. They just have their own style going on and you have to dig it or your out of luck.)

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