Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brief Reviews of Things I've Seen Lately

Sherlock Homes - Meh

An Education - Lovely, but abruptly resolved

Gatz, Part 1 - Incredibly painful

Wristcutters, A Love Story - Unexpectedly charming

Return to Cranford, Part 1 - Lacking in plot and structure

Actually, I'd like to share a few more thoughts on Gatz. The actor playing Nick and narrating is arresting to behold. Everything else about the show is exhausting. It's a lot like babysitting. You're watching a bunch of kids trip over each other, vying for your attention and with seemingly no direction and you mostly just want to go home.

In seriousness, the performances (Nick excepted) would be tedious under the best of circumstances. But in this case the source material that they're abusing in their truly lazy attempts to catch your eye is one of the most lovely books in the American canon. It's hard to believe that anyone thought this was a good idea.

I've been told that the second part is significantly better, but am having a hard time mustering the energy to find out. The whole experience has put me back off theater for a bit. Has anyone out there seen Part 2?

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