Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Print Session #1

I hunkered down to my first real screen printing last night, with decent fabric. And although I wouldn't call it an astonishing success, I would still call it a success.

I was listening to Abbey Road while I was sketching and the crown stencil was actually inspired by "Her Majesty". So I may need to send a swatch to Paul McCartney as a thank you.

Just kidding. This fabric is going to become bloomers for my friend's baby girl. Sorry, Paul.

The nice part about screening my own fabric is knowing that non-toxic ink has been used on it, so I can feel confident about making baby clothes out of it. The only frustration is having to wait until tomorrow to make a second printing pass. It's funny, knitting makes me unusually patient. But printing makes me want to go, go, go.

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