Monday, August 3, 2009

Flower Lady

As a child, one of my most closely cherished wishes was that I would be asked to be someones flower girl. I come from a very small family and all of my cousins are really very close to my own age, so my being a flower girl wasn't in the cards.

But now I get the opportunity to do one better, because I was able to ask my best beloved's little cousin (one of my favorite people in the world) to be my flower girl. Actually, because she's nine years old, I'm calling her my "flower lady". "Flower girl" sounds a bit babyish to a sophisticated nine year old. And I just don't like the sound of "junior bridesmaid". Mainly because I'm not having attendants at the wedding and if she's a junior bridesmaid, I'll have to stop secretly squee-ing "I don't have any bridesmaids!" in my head.

I want this to be a lot of fun for her. I want it to be just what I thought being a flower girl might be like when I was eight or nine. So I've picked out a little bouquet that I think successfully strikes the balance between too babyish and too mature. I'm trying to find a dress that does the same, that also won't impede her from dancing and playing, but it's not easy. Here are a few contenders:

What do you think? I'm afraid the last one may be more First Lady than flower lady. A fabric flower pin at the waist might lighten it up some.

I'd also like to put together some kind of Thank-You-For-Being-My-Flower-Lady package for her with some fun candy and probably a book. I was entertaining the notion of throwing in some Bonnie Bell-type, barely tinted, lip gloss. I'm not sure what else. Any suggestions?

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