Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Weekend

I don't believe I forgot to write about this yesterday. I had the most fun weekend! It was brutally hot, so rather than turn on the stove BB and I went out to dinner at The Garden at the Cellar. They were holding a Restaurant Week Boycott and offering some really gorgeous small plates for $10 each.

To counteract the heat, I had a pickled watermelon and Lillet gazpacho and grilled Halloumi with tomato-peach jam and an icy cold glass of rose. I like to think of it as my pink meal.

Then we met up with friends and went to The Donkey Show at the American Repertory Theater.

It was fantastic. Even a sour theatre snob like me, who has walked out on more Boston theatre than I've sat through, had a grand time. I danced so hard that my feet still hurt today!

It was completely refreshing and rejuvenating and made my hard, little theatre heart grow three times in size.

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